What does Get Fit mean?

If you want to get fit then we’re here to help. From pulling on your trainers, to deciding that the gym isn’t as intimidating as it seems with a PTFindr Personal Trainer at your side, choosing a Get Fit session is the first step to getting active, healthy and fit.

Taking it at the pace that’s right for you, whether it’s your first time or you’re coming back to it, PTFindr Personal Trainers will work with you to help you get fitter. Whether you want to be able to race around the garden with your kids or join your other half on their weekend run, our Get Fit sessions will work on your cardio, general strength and fitness, all of which will combine to make you fitter and more toned. Plus our Get Fit sessions will work on your cardio and general fitness without you having to take one step onto a treadmill – there’s no ‘boring’ cardio in sight!

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